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Micaceous (Mica) Clay  has been used by Native Americans for over 400 years for all their cookware needs.  It can go in a hot oven, on a gas or electric stove, in a microwave or right into a campfire.


I had this clay sent from Taos , New Mexico. I make customized pots, pans, casserole dishes, warmers, pie plates, etc. to whatever are your specifications  and design needs.   Great for gifts.  Can be personalized for events or one's kitchen.  More photos will be coming shortly.   I look forward to hearing from you for all your kitchen and home needs.   Thank you.

Vertical Chicken Roaster

Vertical Chicken Roaster - Mica Clay Cookware
Vertical Chicken Roaster - Mica Clay Cookware

Plates, Bowls and More

Vertical Chicken Roaster - MIca Clay Cookware
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