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I have  been sculptin

I have  been sculpting for over 25 years.  First a self-starter, self-taught and then studied at University of California, Los Angeles. In deepening my love for sculpture I continued with the Sculpture Studio under the mentorship of master sculptor, Jonathan Bickart,  Santa Monica. Additionally, I studied in Tuscany, Italy, using Galestro clay which has its own unique characteristics.


I am inspired  primarily by the intensity of form, shape and expression of the subject.  I love how light changes sculpture; whether it comes from the sun or indoor light, sculpture is ever-changing. When working on a sculpture I put in more of a dramatic feel beyond a strict representational style into abstract.  Abstract in that it communicates my intent.


To quote: Roberto Alborghetti, Milan Italy, Award-winning Journalist, Author and Visual Artist:  "Beautiful sculptures where the movement and energy is uniquely expressed. They give a sense of freedom and strength in these very powerful pieces.  There is soul to the matter creating a flux from classic to contemporary forms."


My work is finished in ceramic, bronze or sandblasted or polished acrylic.  Bases are designed to one's personal preferences. Sculptures can be enlarged for installations.  I can be commissioned to do a full figure, head of someone special, a beloved pet or a moment in time.   Private instruction is available.


My work is displayed in private collections, nationwide, including but not limited to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, CA.; Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Florida; Boston, MA; South Hampton, New York; and Shelburne, VT.  A couple of my pieces were published in the Art and Literary Magazine, “Beat 2009” and the UCLA Catalog 2004.  My sculpture was also used in a Coca-Cola museum commercial, Director: Adam Richards (2008).


My diverse background includes publishing magazines "Brentwood Bla Bla" and "Beverly Hills, the magazine", producing art salons for small groups to large art performance motor tours throughout California. I am also actively involved in the support of cancer research and have been for many years.


*Please note that patinas will vary slightly per piece.*


For Inquires, please email:

Ellen Dreksler

Website Design:  Jonathan Dreksler


Photo credit: Diamond Dust Photography


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